Two computers - switching between
Posted 3/5/2023 18:32 (#10125202 - in reply to #10119721)
Subject: RE: Two computers - switching between

Do your monitors have multiple video inputs? I have a work computer and a personal computer on a desk with two monitors. Both monitors have 2 video inputs so each computer is connected to each monitor with their own video cables. Then I have a cheap USB switch that allows me to connect up to 4 devices to whichever computer I have selected.  Keyboard and mouse go into 2 of the ports and then I have 2 extra ports for USB drives or something similar.  Printer I would go wireless if possible so you don't keep losing the USB connection when you switch computers.  I always used a KVM before but found them to be a pain or I wanted to keep something up on one monitor from one computer and bring something up on the other computer with the other monitor.

I do have a KVM with Dual HDMI ports if your interested. Cleaned out some stuff and don't need it anymore. E-mail me if you are interested.

This is the USB switch that I use now -- USB 3.0 Switch Selector,ABLEWE KVM Switcher Adapter 4 Port USB Peripheral Switcher Box Hub for Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, PCs with One-Button Switch and 2 Pack USB Cable : Everything Else

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