GPS7500 question about Terrastar Unlock = YES
Posted 11/23/2022 21:02 (#9946986 - in reply to #9946939)
Subject: RE: GPS7500 question about Terrastar Unlock = YES

NE part of SW Iowa

caseihfarmer - 11/23/2022 20:45 i think they all say terrastar L, old and new. mine do. sometimes these devices act funny with a sat service being utilized on them . on a trimble, if it has a valid rangepoint or standard rtx subscription it will show up in the unlocks like it has rtk unlocked when it doesnt. the only bit of helpful information i can give you here is that it should be cheaper to go from waas to rtk than from waas to terrastar to rtk. its been a while that ive been away from the unlock costs but it used to be about $500 cheaper to do it at once than to do it in steps.

Yes, I believe it is $500 cheaper to go straight from WAAS to RTK/"X" = $4500 total.

GPS guy says, in our area, his customers are doing very, very well with Terrastar-C Pro (1"-3") and saving $2500-$3000 "unlock fees" by not going to the full blown RTK/ "X" level. 

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