Getting started with precision ag
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Subject: RE: Getting started with precision ag

NE Iowa
What are your goals? What do you want it to accomplish?

Do you think you want to go "all in" eventually? - auto steer, row shutoffs, planter monitor, sprayer section control, yield monitor/mapping, fertilizer application, variable rate of what? seed, fert?
Some of it pays eventually, some of it reduces operator fatigue, I doubt any of it pays every time.

1 monitor can be used to run everything if you are willing to unplug it and move it.
I started with basic steering on planter tractor and yield monitor/mapping. Last year I installed planter monitoring and row shutoffs, and gps section control on sprayer.
I run Ag Leader and move an incommand 1200 between equipment. An integra could also do everything. A versa or IC 800 could do everything except planter monitor with unlocks.
Tractors are all mid 80's, planter is '06 ground drive, pull type sprayer is 15yrs old, combine is mid 90's, so it is very easy to do with older equip.

Getting started I recommend finding a dealer to work with, get 1 main system doing what you want and then buying used modules and things on your own will go better.

I believe trimble could do everything also.
PP can do planter and yield monitor.
Outback does steering, not sure if anything else.
Raven does quite a bit.
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