Case Pro 700 John Deere 1910
Posted 11/21/2022 07:52 (#9942842)
Subject: Case Pro 700 John Deere 1910

Bovina, TX
We are having trouble getting a 2021 1910 air cart to communicate with a 2015 quad track with a pro 700. The first two came up when we had 31.26 firmware on pro 700. We updated to 33.xx firmware and then got the last screen and it gets stuck in a boot loop. We cleared the Vt ram. You can see it start to communicate for about a minute then it gets stuck on this last screen. Any ideas?

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(8B6CAB77-63C6-461E-8D40-11BA533A02F8 (full).jpeg)

(2BAD490B-4921-4BDA-BC8C-11B3D3D08B45 (full).jpeg)

(19F55A92-F430-431F-91CF-02E0DF5025A9 (full).jpeg)

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