Neophyte in search of some basic answers
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Southern Minnesota
If you just want the coverage map to start/stop without touching the screen icon you can use Ag Leader's Application Rate Module connected to an implement switch. Then the map will start/stop based on whether the planter is UP or DOWN.

As mentioned in my previous reply, this can be done with the screen icon. This would seem clumsy, I know some operators who do not want to purchase the Application Rate Module and don't want to mess with hitting the screen icon on each end. They just leave the mapping ON which means the map will show coverage during the turn around which would be incorrect and make a sloppy looking map. Although messy, this but might still be very useful for knowing which variety was planted where.

If you wish to do section control of the seed, you could use Ag Leader's Clutch Control module. A single module can work with as many as 12 sections. It uses an implement switch also. It will create a variety/coverage map also so the Application Rate Module would not be needed. We have our planter setup as 12-2 row sections for seed.

The Application Rate Module can be used in other situations as well. I use one to monitor (not control) our liquid starter fertilizer which is delivered by a ground driven pump. We use a Raven flow meter in the fertilizer line to provide flow information to the system. The applied rate of fertilizer as well as a fertilizer rate map are created. When it is desirable to work with more than one product at a time, a multi-product unlock is required. This is a one time charge which allows that InCommand to work with multiple products.

If you proceed with obtaining a second display, post back with other questions you might have for your planter. There are many possible combinations that might fit your situation.

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