EZ Guide 250 and setting a-b lines
Posted 11/18/2022 07:37 (#9937801 - in reply to #9937697)
Subject: RE: EZ Guide 250 and setting a-b lines

Sanilac Co. Michigan
tedbear - 11/18/2022 06:49

Seeing how the lightbar and distance off track seem to work, you must be getting an AB line set. Have you tried moving over to another pass to see if it works then? If so then likely it is set to not engage on the original AB line. This is the default which can be changed as suggested in the post above. I'm not sure why this defaults to OFF, maybe something to do with safety and accidently setting and engaging on an AB line while on the road. If you did a hard reset when messing with the satellite change then the setting may have been returned to the default.

No, just select straight a-b line as a pattern. Screen says to set point a, then drive 150 feet and set point b. So, I set a and the a icon shows up on the screen, I drive 150 feet, or more and it won't set b. Screen just goes back to telling me to set a and the whole cycle repeats, never will let me set b. So, about all I can do is select free form and go on my way.
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