Do you think Iowa CORS will work for me?
Posted 11/15/2022 13:34 (#9933267 - in reply to #9930032)
Subject: RE: Do you think Iowa CORS will work for me?

Alton, Ia
Been using CORS for a few years now. Of all the pieces of the GPS puzzle, ie receiver, steering, correction, etc. The CORS piece for me has been the least trouble. I haven't had a streaming issue in years. Most of my fields are ~15 miles from the local DOT base. I know they are constantly upgrading servers and such.

Could there be variance, sure, I only use mine for steering and section control, I am working on trying to make tramlines for the sprayer, especially in beans, and then following them all year. Right now, my biggest issue is the wander of a Hagie 2100 sprayer, not the correction signal. I can't believe nozzle control would be that critical, but I haven't looked into Rightspot yet.

I use a data enabled Ipad for my correction, and the AMAN BT dongle, then I have an Ipad I can use anywhere during the off season for really important stuff like checking twitter, :)

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