iPhone ringer volume changing on its own
Posted 10/26/2022 12:11 (#9902876 - in reply to #9902864)
Subject: RE: iPhone ringer volume changing on its own

Southern Minnesota
I suspect that is what is causing mine also. When I did a search, a patch was available to supposedly address such an issue. I am too busy with harvest to investigate further. Apparently its not just me.

For now, having it "forget" all my Bluetooth devices seems to be a solution. I will investigate further by adding back in the Bluetooth connection in my truck and trying that for a while. If that seems to hold, I may then try to add back in my car. I was driving the car and using its hands free when this reappeared the other day so I suspect it. The car is a 2019 Ford Edge.

Later info: Since I told my iPhone to "forget all my Bluetooth" devices I haven't had the problem of the ringer volume changing on its own (two weeks or so). I enabled my Silverado again and things still seem fine. I suspect my Ford car so I will leave it off while I check out my other Bluetooth devices one at a time in an effort to isolate which one (if any) is the root of my original problem.

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