Using "Area" on fmx1000
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Subject: RE: Using "Area" on fmx1000

The first thing you need to do is set up the area feature button - at least make sure it's set the way you want it to behave.

From the run screen: Wrench - Feature Mapping then it shows a screen with the exact 4 buttons on your run screen now. You can program each one to do different things. Tap on the "Area" button and you will be taken to that particular button's setup page. There you can change whether it maps the feature on the left end of the "boom" (whatever implement you are running right now), center or right end. You can also choose whether or not it maps the feature outside of the "boom" by various percentages I believe. There is also alarms you can set to alert you if you are getting close to the are in the future and the alarm radius. Cute feature, but annoying.

Once you have all of that page set the way you want, go back to the run screen.

Drive to the area you want mapped.

Be sure to put whichever side you selected on the setup page to the outer edge of your area you want mapped. Toggle the "Area" button on, it changes color a bit to tell you it's "Pushed in" or "On" or "Recording". Drive around the area and you will see a little line trailing from behind your icon on the screen. Once all the way around, click the "Area" button back "Off" and it will darken in the area and it's mapped.

That ought to do it.

I'm doing this from memory, so don't sue me if I am a little wrong, but I know that's the general jist of what you want to do.

To erase them if you wish later, you do it from the run screen, AB Lines management tab, Features tab. They're stored from the oldest at the top, and newest on the bottom. They won't show up anymore on the monitor, but I DO believe they WILL come out later with a Field Data download, but don't quote mo on that. I know deleted AB lines do.
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