BSE: Learning the hard way
Posted 9/22/2022 13:05 (#9856081)
Subject: BSE: Learning the hard way

Southern Ohio
Bought a nice new yearling bull last spring and he did his job flawlessly in his first year. Pulled a few blood samples a few weeks ago and then pulled the samples from the rest of the herd this weekend. 4 of 22 bred.... yuck. I suppose I'll have the BSE done that I should have done early this spring just to make sure and then cut my losses when he inevitably fails and start looking for a new guy. I've not really dealt with this before. It's all part of the fun, I suppose :). I'm nearing the point where I'll likely need two bulls in the coming years and I was planning on keeping him for a while and adding another in a couple years. Oh well.
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