Were they really that slow?
paul the original
Posted 9/22/2022 10:41 (#9855851 - in reply to #9854353)
Subject: RE: Were they really that slow?

southern MN
The updates seemed to slow them down to a crawl. Too much bloat in the newer versions for the older hardware, the newer versions of operating system and other software expect more available memory, bus speed and width, and so forth. The newer updates get funneled into a very crowded highway and parking lot.....

The anti virus programs start taking 90% of the computer power to scan everything going on. We don’t realize how much those background scanning is taking from our new computers. On the old computers, they can’t keep up with this background processing.

Picture back then were 16- a few thousand color palette. Videos were jerky small. Today the pics are smoothed millions of colors video is huge files that need a dedicated picture video chip to process. The old hardware was good with the old video, it can’t process the new complex video files in time.

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