Phantom Corn Yield loss
Posted 9/20/2022 13:11 (#9852791 - in reply to #9852675)
Subject: RE: Phantom Corn Yield loss

[email protected] - 9/20/2022 11:38

There is no such thing.  You can have grain damage in field; dry matter losses from allowing corn to stand do not exist.  Wet corn has bad test weight, dryers lead to stress cracking in from (concern for quality and food grade).  There is no reason to pick early if you are not seeing field losses. 
This dead horse gets beat every year.  Many, many studies have been done. 

This article is written by a seed producer - who of course wants your crop in early.  It might as well have been drafted by the National Propane and Gas Association.  

Field losses are real, and require scouting.   Butt shelling is real.    Storms are real.   There is no  "dry matter" reason to pick early. This notion goes back decades, and made worse by the era of poorly calibrated combine yield monitors. 

Do you have any real life experience to back that up badger? We have seen it to many times to count. I don't know where it goes, dust out of the combine, etc but if it's not on the ground, and it's not there 2 weeks later after the other half crossed the scale, it had to go somewhere.
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