passwords question.
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Subject: RE: passwords question.

At least save them on a flash drive that you keep somewhere safe, just in case.

Memories fade!

I use Dashlane premium for a PW manager.
I have all login credentials including security questions on 2 separate encrypted flash drives.
I also have 2 sets of printed out credentials also including security questions that I keep in two different safes.
I change all extra sensitive passwords every 6 months at a minimum, using a password generator.
Included in all of the sets are phone numbers and contact names at brokerages and banks. I take care of the brokerage stuff, as my wife wouldn't have any idea how those work.
The only financial account I access from my phone is my credit card.
Two factor authentication and activity alerts.
Never answer a question from an unknown caller with "yes" as they can record your voice and use it to authorize transactions over the phone.

Probably missed something too lol.

People are working overtime to steal your stuff, it's just the way it is now.

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