passwords question.
Posted 9/19/2022 16:54 (#9851479 - in reply to #9851459)
Subject: RE: passwords question.

Southeast Nebraska

mx270a - 9/19/2022 16:37 Sounds like your system means that every website gets a unique password. This is very important. A lot of accounts get hijacked because someone uses the same password everywhere. One site gets compromised and the hijackers can log in with those same credentials on other sites. I usually recommend storing your passwords in a password manager such as Password Safe. The file is encrypted and will let you organize your passwords. Just be sure to back up the password file.

Well my wife was using something similar to that and our 17 year old college freshman cybersecurity nut grandson took 5 minutes to have all our accounts and passwords for the world to see. That brought on my problem.

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