Harness for 9650 autotrac?
Posted 9/15/2022 18:46 (#9845846)
Subject: Harness for 9650 autotrac?

Southwestern Ontario
I've given up on trying to figure out the existing harness in our new to us machine since I can't find out what harness it actually is. Whatever it is will not communicate with the globe despite the globe getting power. All wires look good.

So I'd like to start over. Combine has the grey and black plugs from the headliner and picks up the moisture sensor fine. Combine currently has an ATU 200 but I have an ATU 300 I'd like to put in instead. Using a Starfire 300 globe.

AG express looks like they might have harnesses that are close but can anyone tell me what I would need to make it all work?

Edit: to add I am using a 2600 display and already have the original greenstar to GS2 adapter.

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