magnetic speed pickup question
Posted 9/15/2022 06:36 (#9844890 - in reply to #9844469)
Subject: RE: Experience with shaft sensors

Southern Minnesota
Don't know this will be much help but having a system that is "always on" seems a bit strange. It also seems a bit strange that the Lion engineers have not heard of the doubling.

Generally shaft speed indicators would use a programming concept using an "interrupt" The interrupt can be setup to watch for a change in the status of a pin. Depending on how this is programmed some choices would result in "double" the pulses. However this is something that should not change with use.

It would seem the answer would be to get a voltage regulator of some type (there are many) to take the 12V from your tractor and create a 5V source from it. This is extremely common and such a device is present in much electronics. That being said without seeing your device I don't know easily this could be done. If they are charging $150 for their answer, my guess is that there isn't much to it.

Yes, I still have the drone but have forgotten about it. I should dig it out and play with it again or give it to someone. I only flew it twice. It did work OK but it is always so windy here and the screen glare bothered me.

My seed dealer flew a corn field at my home last week. It was windy but he had a higher end drone that handled the wind better than I would have expected. He was taking pictures on a field of continuous corn that is going "down" badly. There are certain patterns in the field which I can not explain. Some were due to tillage and traffic patterns. Washing the roots of affected plants showed the tremendous damage the root worms had done. The variety has two root worm traits but the pressure was so extreme that their sheer numbers overwhelmed the root system. The ears are decent which is surprising given the small root mass. This field is about 10-14 days from black layer. I believe I will need to harvest it early even though it will be very high moisture. I'm afraid it might be "buy the gas" or risk losing much of it.

Fortunately this seems to be the only field with this much of a problem.
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