magnetic speed pickup question
Posted 9/14/2022 06:49 (#9843562 - in reply to #9843543)
Subject: RE: magnetic speed pickup question

rhrentz - 9/14/2022 05:34

I am programming a Red Lion control digital readout to display speed of a shaft or really the speed of a conveyor driven by that shaft
I am off by a factor of 2- speed shows on display twice as fast as it really is
The magnetic pickup is on a 40 tooth sprocket
Through trail and error and calculations I found if I program for 80 pulses per revolution speed is correct
Is it possible that this magnetic pickup puts out 2 pulses per tooth? or do I have an error somewhere else?

There are 80 state-changes per revolution, because there is a rising edge and a trailing edge for each tooth. Is your code differentiating between rising and trailing edges, or just looking for state changes? Or thinking about it another way, is your code looking for a specific "open" or "closed" position, or is it simply looking for any change from one to the other.
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