Lost Password for CamHi App for IOS phone
Posted 9/16/2022 07:12 (#9846451 - in reply to #9846091)
Subject: RE: Lost Password for CamHi App for IOS phone

Southern Minnesota
Actually I did try that but without success.

The old iPhone I was trying to use for the camera was the one I inherited from the GF when I bought her a newer one. I had purchased a refurbished iPhone 8 for myself and had moved the SIM card from one to the other. I purchased another refurbished iPhone 8 for her and had moved that SIM card to that newer iPhone 8.

That means that both iPhone 8's are now our main phones for talk etc. It also meant that the iPhone 6 I was trying to get to work with the cameras did not have a SIM card and had a different Apple ID then "my" iPhone 6.

After the reset and change to a known password, all phones work with the cameras as desired.

The goal was to get her old iPhone 6 with the bad case retired to the camera in the combine. This was successful although it is still connected to her Apple ID. I notice that is is linked to her newer iPhone 8 through her Apple ID as some of her new reminders have shown up on her old phone.
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