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Posted 9/18/2022 11:31 (#9849492 - in reply to #9830778)
Subject: Maybe consider refurbished?

Southern Minnesota
You might consider moving up to a newer refurbished phone and using the older phone/pad for some of those purposes that don't require much screen interaction. The older units can still be used for music, pictures, surfing the web etc.

I've used the Back Market website. They sell refurbished phones in various memory sizes and conditions. I bought a refurbished iPhone 8 to replace my iPhone 6 as my regular phone. I was happy with the results. I was able to move the SIM card and didn't need to change my plan with Verizon. I got my contacts and apps on the newer phone without any problem.

A couple of months later, my GFs iPhone 6 literally buckled open but still works so I got a refurbished iPhone 8 for her also. The iPhone 8s that I got have more memory and were in good condition. The refurbished iPhone 's were a short $200. I felt the features on the iPhone 8 were adequate for our uses.

I can still use the old iPhone 6s for other purposes but of course, we can't talk on them. I plan on using her old iPhone 6 in the combine as a viewer for my backup camera. A little 3M tape should hold it together for a while at least. I will have the newer iPhone 8 with me for my usual uses.

I can use the other iPhone 6 in the house for a yard camera with an app called Alfred. The iPhone in the combine will use access point. The iPhone in the house will use my home Wifi since it is in range. This means I can check on my Yard through the internet with my newer iPhone 8 as long as internet service is available.
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