Stock Trailer Brakes
Posted 8/6/2022 23:35 (#9784110 - in reply to #9782717)
Subject: RE: Stock Trailer Brakes

I was also going to suggest unplugging and driving ahead to see if it is still locked. I had to replace a new tire on a trailer because of a mechanical failure on a brake once. I think it just failed to release after the electric was applied and it ended up dragging and destroying the tire before I noticed it. I cannot remember what the cause was since I just replaced the whole brake assembly after it happened. If it is all 4 brakes, then it is likely an electric issue though.

I would suggest hooking a ground from a battery to the trailer frame and then running a hot wire with a fuse to each wire and see what lights up. If you blow the fuse, that wire is likely your ground. If no lights come on, but you hear the magnets on the brakes click, then you know you found your brakes. You can also jack one wheel up and see if it spins and then start to put the hot wire on each wire until it stops spinning and you will know you found your brake wire. Trailer wiring can be a real headache, but if you are patient it can be rewarding to have figured it out.
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