New tires and the Tahoe wanders
Posted 8/6/2022 09:13 (#9782995 - in reply to #9782108)
Subject: RE: New tires and the Tahoe wanders

Ontario Canada
Obsolete - 8/5/2022 17:18

I put on the cheapest new LT 245/75 R16s I could find the other day. I put maybe 50 miles on it and it seems as if it wanders more than before. The old ones were the same size with decent tread but were 16 years old so I decided to put these new ones on

Would a more expensive tire hold the line better or is maybe this all in my head? It just came out of the alignment shop 2 weeks ago.

Comments and suggestions on what to do? Thanks

Leave the cheap tires in the tireshop. After buying new tires, get alignment checked.
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