Monroe Wisconsin area
Posted 8/5/2022 14:47 (#9781954)
Subject: Monroe Wisconsin area

Southeast Nebraska
On our way home from a little getaway and spent the night there. Did my usual favorite part of our vacations, got up early (usual wake up time) grabbed a cup of coffee and drove around out in the country checking things out. Couple of observations and a question. First those rolling are beautiful to a flatlander like be. Beautiful countryside to cruise around. Second IMO the crops in the area look really good especially the beans. It amazes me that nearly every country road in the area is paved/blacktop. My question is, what kind weight restrictions are on them? A lot of the roads were marked “class B weight restrictions “. In my part of Nebraska those roads would last about a day and a half in the fall with all the semis grossing around 95,000 to 110,000# all day every day. How do they last?? Once again it’s a very pretty area to me and is anyone on here from the area.
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