Field view in 2388
Eric from Canada
Posted 8/5/2022 08:13 (#9781457 - in reply to #9778447)
Subject: RE: Field view in 2388

Quebec, Canada
The 2388 model is not compatible with the FieldView Drive, it has something to do with how yield and GPS messages are or are not communicated on the CANBUS. Currently the 3 retrofit yield monitor systems that are compatible with FieldView in the cab are FarmTRX, Loup Elite, and the YieldSense from Precision Planting.
I believe that AgExpress sells a GPS kit that comes with a Garmin 16X and the wiring to connect to your 2388. Personally I think that, while it is better than nothing, the 16X isn’t a great quality antenna. If you happen to have another GPS system that could be moved to the combine from a planter or sprayer tractor that would give you better quality yield maps. Case, AgExpress, or your GPS dealer should be able to help you get a cable that will get GPS into your combine. This setup won’t let you run FieldView in the combine, but you can take the data card from the Universal terminal and upload the yield maps to your FieldView account after harvest.
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