RTK boundaries across different brands
Posted 8/3/2022 07:47 (#9778309 - in reply to #9776658)
Subject: RE: RTK boundaries across different brands

Northern Indiana
Do you know anyone who has done this? I assume you could record via serial port with a computer and upload logs?

Can confirm discrepancies.
I did the 24hr survey twice on my StarFire 3000 and came up with the exact same lat/lon; however I'm about 30 inches different than Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan CORS, which all seem to be within 1-2 inches of each other (tested with Agra-GPS CRG)

gpsdude - 8/2/2022 00:31

You may get lucky, you may not. I would guess that CORS and JD Mobile would be corrected to USGS benchmarks, so they could be very close. When the first JD bases went up in my area, they did a 24 hour survey, but never send the data into OPUS for final correction. After a while they realized the problem, but could not correct them or it would move everyone's lines.
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