HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Printer Issue
Posted 9/19/2022 09:18 (#9850983 - in reply to #9766660)
Subject: RE: HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Printer Issue


The Ethernet cable you ran from the printer to the laptop dock will likely never work without network settings on both being setup to create their own network. Your laptop would rarely be setup to provide DHCP routing address service to the printer if it’s already part of a network.

The correct direct connection from printer to dock would likely be a usb cable.

A second option would be to run an ethernet cable from the printer to a switch, a second ethernet cable from the switch to the wireless router and a third ethernet cable from the switch to the dock on your laptop. Your printer and laptop would then acquire unique automatic DHCP IP addresses from the wireless router and things should automatically be setup to work. Note some wireless routers include multiple ethernet switch ports.

If you elect to correct the network setup issue with a switch you might have to shut down the router, printer and laptop and then restart the router first then printer and laptop to have reassigned DHCP IP addresses to printer and laptop.

A USB cable or proper network setup should fix any network IP or connection issues. Doesn’t mean there aren’t driver or other issues.

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