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Posted 6/12/2022 14:22 (#9701900 - in reply to #9701648)
Subject: RE: iPads

southern MN
There is nothing wrong with a 4-6+ year old iPad........


The batteries do wear down and hold less charge.

Bearing and banging around here and there does wear on them, going to fail some day.

Most software seems to want to be updated or stops working; the older machines have older chips and can’t handle the newest updates.

The tablets are sort of designed for a 5 year lifespan, if you go past that a lot will start passing you by.

I seem to get a top of the line model Pro, and get 6-7 years out of them. With better processed and so they don’t ‘slow down’ as bad with the new set software. But, still, about 5 years and a person notices the age.

Nothing wrong with your 6-8 year old machines, but another 2-4 years is going to make them hard to work with?

I’m typing on a 2017 Pro right now, it is still keeping up and doing good, but the screen cracked, and some of the newest stofeware is looking a little slow. It’s sort of used up it’s expected life. Will be good for a second machine for some time yet.
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