ReCalculate in Libre Calc Spreadsheets
Posted 6/9/2022 07:36 (#9697473 - in reply to #9695784)
Subject: RE: ReCalculate in Libre Calc Spreadsheets

Southern Minnesota
With my simple spreadsheets, I can't foresee a time when I would ever shut off auto recalculate. If the spreadsheet was huge and several results would be changed based on a change in an entry and several entries were going to be changed, it might be more efficient to turn off auto recalculate and then force all the recalculations to be done later by rechecking auto recalculate or using F9.

As slow as I type in numbers with my poor eyesight, the time it would take the computer to do the calculations is far faster than I am. It appears to be another one of those options that doesn't pertain to me but might be useful for others.
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