Credit card bogus automatic charges
Posted 4/16/2022 09:09 (#9615838)
Subject: Credit card bogus automatic charges

My wife switched to apple a computer and phone three years ago. She noticed a Microsoft automatic charge on a credit card for $73 dollars. She called Microsoft and found out it was for a Word app for her computer that was thrown away three years ago. They refunded this payment, but not the two previous payments.
I laughed.
I then started going over my credit card online statement and found an automatic payment taken out by Apple for $1.06 on the last two statements. I have always had Android!
I call, get redirected to website, then get told they will call me, wait for 20 minutes, and finally talk to the Apple billing rep. I asked what the charge is for?? He asks for my Apple account number. I tell him I have never had an Apple product and do not have an account. He says he cannot tell me what the charge is for because I have no account. I say you charged my card! He replies he can do nothing but says I should check with family if they can find something on thier account. I say NO! He said my only other option is to use the credit card company and dispute the charge.
More phone calls, redirecting, and I finally reach someone. The credit card rep says the only way out of this is to cancel your card, get a new numbered card, and set it up not to allow automatic withdrawal payments. SIMPLE! I am still out the two debits of $1.06.
My wife and I spent the next hour getting new numbered accounts on all our credit cards and making sure they disable the automatic charge option. We also requested a paper statement instead of the online account. I also will not have my card paid directly from my bank account. I will write checks and spend the money for postage.
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