Libre Office Update
Posted 4/8/2022 12:26 (#9603411 - in reply to #9603027)
Subject: RE: Libre Office Update

There is a setting under Data:Calculate: (choose) AutoCalculate. I have used F9 to recalc. Sometimes this doesn't seem to work, usually when a formula references another spreadsheet. Example: ('file:///C:/Users/Balance.ods'#$CheckingSt.J12). I have exited and reloaded one or both spreadsheets involved and had the formula work again. If I just try to edit the formula, it sometimes works but often the whole formula must be reentered. I prefer to try unloading and reloading the spreadsheet rather than rethink the logic of a long formula. Looking for this setting just now I see there is Hard Recalc (Sht+Ctl+F9) that I will have to try.
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