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Aug 06, 2022 9:36 AM (112 views)
SW Wi- Free Shipping

Get your stalk devastator for 2022 harvest season, now is the best time to order! We are offering huge discounts on these orders placed now! Try to plan ahead on your harvest 2022 needs now! You won't find them any cheaper than with us!

-Free shipping to your farm
-Largest Discounts Now! 20% OFF!
-Prevents damage to tires, tracks, wires, and hydraulic hoses on combines, trucks, tractors, and implements
-Knocks over and crimps stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown of residue
-Preserves residue cover, reducing soil erosion and keeping stalks in place in windy conditions
-Quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models
-Features spring-loaded down pressure
-Solid steel construction ensures reliability and durability
-Will not interfere with most head cart trailers
-Rollers can be locked up for transport or when not in use
-Available for most cornheads
-Beck's PFR Proven Return on Investment
-Availability Is Late August-Early September on non instock inventory, Call for current Availability

We are the Largest Yetter dealer in the State of Wisconsin, and one of the top 3 single location dealers in the Midwest. We offer a full line of Yetter Products as well as parts for everything we sell. Unlike other dealers, we have 15+ Devastators and much more in Stock!

We run the Devastators on our own equipment and love them! We would never run a cornhead without them again! The benefits of running them on your cornhead far outway the cost.

Save your Tires and tracks with the Yetter Stalk Devastator! They are an easy way to save your tires, tracks, and money year after year. Tires and tracks are very expensive to replace, where as the Devastator is relatively cheap.

6 Row Kit- Retail $5550, Sale Price $4440
8 Row Kit- Retail $7400, Sale Price $5920
12 Row Kit- Retail $11100, Sale Price $8880


5000-018 12R30 Drago 1230 Series 1 & 2
5000-025 6R30 Deere 643/693/606/706/C6R^ and 612/712
wheel tracks only (Non-Chopping)
5000-026 8R30 Deere 608/708/843/893/C8R^ (Non-Chopping)
5000-027 12R30Deere 612/712/1243/1293/C12R &C12F^ (Non-Chopping)
5000-040 6R30 Deere 606C/706C/C6R Stalkmaster
5000-041 8R30 Deere 608C/708C/C8R Stalkmaster
5000-051 8R30 Drago GT (Non-chopping head)

For more information you can click on the links below

- https://www.andrewsagsupply.com/products/yetter-5000-stalk-devastato...
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU6tRysD44E
- https://www.yetterco.com/yetter-stalk-devastator

For Sale
$1 USD
Contact : andrewsfarmandag
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